Name of Choice:  Simon DeFarge
Age:  24
Gender:  Male
Current location:  Fort Worth, Texas
Occupation:  Student Minister, Seminarian

Prefers to:  read, talk, write, pray, work, sleep, drink, eat, bathe, vegetate.  In that order!
Prides himself as:  a playwright, comedian, over all good guy who’s unsure if over all is one word or two.
Wishes:  his apartment internet connection didn’t spaz out after 20 minutes.
Worst habit:  buys journals with every intention of journaling every day, filling only three pages, and then months later, starting the cycle over.
Wants to obliterate:  that stupid song ‘Angel’ by Sarah MacLachlin, or at least the ASPCA, as they use her song in advertisements that play way too often when I can watch television.
Prefers:  red-heads or brunettes.

Currently:  cannot write about things current in pages because pages do not change.


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