Justice League of Apostles

I have yet to pick up an issue of the new Justice League from DC.  Part of it is because I don’t know a good comic shop near where I live (I know, not an excuse), and part of it is because I read the blogs of those much more experienced and wise than I in the field of contemporary comics, and I respect their judgment.

However, I did read the old JLA during Mark Waid’s really–in my opinion–excellent run back in the late 90s.  If memory serves correctly, Waid had set up the JLA using the Greek Pantheon archetype.  Superman was Zeus, Batman was Hades, Aquaman was Poseidon, etc.  What bothered me was that Hestia and Persephone were ignored (just as they are by many mythology scholars), and J’onn J’onnz was in an advisory role in the Pantheon model.

Just for fun, I have to ask if comic books can cross with Christianity without dealing with Bibleman.

Here to preach gospel and appeal to youth--and Im all out of appeal

I'm here to preach gospel and appeal to youth... and I'm all out of appeal!

Two of the bookcases in my apartment face each other–one contains, surprise, New Testament scholarship; the other holds, amongst other books, the DC Encyclopedia and a few trades of the Justice League.  So, it’s time to use the Christ-and-Twelve-Disciples model and cross-apply it to the Major Leagues of the DC Universe.  And hope, for the love of everything holy, that I am declared neither blasphemous or the destroyer of someone’s childhood.

Tune in for the next installment for JLApostles:  Superman.

Afterthought: I should note that I have absolutely no idea the ramifications of the cycles of crisis the DCU finds itself in.  (Many would say the editors of the DCU are in my shoes as well.)  I suppose Superboy punches (Infant Gospel of Thomas, anyone?) are just going to be ignored.  Apologies!


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