Another Attempt at Restarting

So this is a reboot, again, of The Saucy Puppet Show.  A few things have changed since the last time I decided to restart.

First, I realized that I am a writer at heart.  In person, I am also a grad student, student minister, and (essentially) a custodian.  I have time for friends, for work, for studying, for class, but absolutely no time to work on stuff I’ve been brainstorming, half-assedly, for years.  So, I guess this is a way to make myself write, even if it’s nothing of interest except to me and one other person.

Second, I realized that I have absolutely nothing interesting that happens in my life.  (Also, I do not wish to discuss personal details, for the Interwebs is a scary place.)  So I plan to write on different things–history, theology, politics, literature, music, theater, and geekery (that is, comic books and movies).  Let’s see if I do.  I potentially might not.  But I also potentially might.



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